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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Mcats Study

Well today i did not study much. i am hoping to cover the chapter on the Respiratory System and the Skin before i sleep. I will give myself 3 hours to read through and understand. And a verbal reasoning question. I graduated a year ago so i have a lot of work to do i think i forgot some stuff. About volunteer work i have not done much yet, having my hands tied down with my little one has been my excuse. Wish me the best.

Study hard dreamers, even newly weds and new moms can make a commitment to fulfil their dreams.
To those who have visited my blog thank you.

Goodnight dreamers


Jerk Chicken and Friends over

Hey Dreamers

Ok so i made some rice and peas, jerk chicken and salads for lunch. Ohhh it was yummy. And ginger bread with no ice cream(wish i made ice cream today).
In the future please look forward to some recipes.
I plan on losing weight this year, i want to drop one size in the month of February. i know i can do it, for myself, i am tired of this post pregnancy weight. Tomorrow i will start a journal of my weight loss.
i hope i will be good
Menu for tomorrow. oatmeal porridge for breakfast
                                     fruits apple and banana
                                     rice, sauce, salad, maybe fish/chicken

I enjoyed the company today. My friend and her kids came round for lunch.


Monday, 30 January 2012

Study time

hey dreamers

just started studying for my mcats, i'm taking it a chapter a day. So if any dreamer has any tips they are more than welcome. i am preety new to blogging..

Send me some smiley faces please.

i am a new mom so studying is preety challenging. And the hubby's travelling doesn't help much.

My goal is to get into med school end of this year.

Keep dreaming, living your dreams and achieving all your dreams

Love Savanna

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Savanna Dreams

This will be my first post of many. I intend to use this space to share my thoughts, aspirations and my dreams for a better tomorrow. I am a Savanna Dreamer.

Thank you for visiting my blog